South Downs National Park Trust

South Downs National Park Trust

About us


As a registered, independent, charity you can help us carry out vital conservation work, ensuring the South Downs National Park can be enjoyed by all.

£10 – Could help a child develop through our hands on outdoor educations activities.

£25 – Could buy a Watervole, helping to sustainably introduce this native species back into the South Downs clear chalk waters.

£50 – Could pay for 25 metres of wildlife friendly hedgerow, creating new habitats for some of our most loved species.

Give by Direct Debit

A regular donation helps us to better plan our work over the long term. For example, helping us to develop better access for walkers and cyclists, or work to ensure that our rare species can survive and flourish.

£2.50 – For the price of a coffee you could pay for a square metre of wildflower flower meadow, a fantastic nectar source for many of our bees and butterflies.

£5 – For the price of lunch, you could support a volunteer ranger, providing them with the equipment they need to conserve our landscapes and enhance our rights of way.

£10 – Children love nature, its good for their education and for their souls. For the price of a cinema ticket you could help ensure that they have access to our hands on outdoor educations activities.

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